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Set of sensible defaults for using ModularComponent.

Provides two stages: with(lifecycle) for adding a lifecycle hook, and with(defaultProps) for providing default values for props. It also re-exports with(render) from @modular-component/props for convenience.

It's also possible to import each of them individually through @modular-component/with-lifecycle and
@modular-component/with-default-props respectively.


import { ModularComponent } from '@modular-component/core'
import { defaultProps, lifecycle, render } from '@modular-component/default'

const MyComponent = ModularComponent()
// Define default props here
.with(lifecycle(() => {
// Write component state & logic here
.with(render(({ props, lifecycle }) => (
// Use generated props and lifecycle in the render phase


@modular-component/default simply merge together the records from two other packages. To see the implementation details, refer to the individual packages: