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Basic stage allowing to save the result of a custom hook to a lifecycle argument passed down to further stages. The lifecycle hook receives the previous argument map as parameter, and can therefore use props or any other injected argument.


import { ModularComponent } from '@modular-component/core'
import { lifecycle } from '@modular-component/with-lifecycle'

const MyComponent = ModularComponent()
.with(lifecycle(({ props }) => {
// Write component state & logic here
.with(render(({ props, lifecycle }) => (
// Use computed lifecycle in the render phase


with(lifecycle) receives a function taking the current arguments map as parameter. It uses this function as the stage hook directly:

import { ModularStage } from '@modular-component/core'

export function lifecycle<Args extends {}, Return>(
useLifecycle: (args: Args) => Return,
): ModularStage<'lifecycle', (args: Args) => Return> {
return { field: 'lifecycle', useStage: useLifecycle }